There’s a certain charm about a market that simply can’t be beat. Maybe it’s the buzz, maybe the bustle, maybe it’s that I-simply-cannot-help-but-feel-relaxed-right-now air that more often than not accompanies live (market) music. It could all boil down to the pleasing after-effects of a delicious, hearty, homemade meal and a cold one or two or three. Perhaps it’s the combination of all these things. Either or, ambling through a market is a great way to spend one’s time.

Despite all the positives, the one negative is that you must wait the entire week for the market to arrive. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder but sometimes absence just makes one irritated.

Thankfully, a group of creative folk decided to solve this predicament by creating a trendy, exciting and buzzing market that is open seven days a week.

This brilliant idea goes by the name of the Mojo Market and it can be found on Sea Point Regent Road. You’ll find fabulous fashion, accessories, home décor, quirky arts and craft, and most importantly food, food, food! Whether you’re in the mood for a little Arriba!

Arriba! from Tortilla Modern Mexican (, a bowl of gourmet Mac ‘n Cheese from The Mac Factory (, Thai, Traditional or a pizza; there is something to tempt every taste bud.

But the thing that we love most about the Mojo Market? The fact that there is live music every single day of the week. You’ll find their exciting weekly line-up here ( We’ll see you there.

30 Regent Road, Sea Point. Facebook Fan page ( Twitter: @themojomarket ( Instagram: @themojomarket.